Reporting Service

Maintaining an audit trail and remaining in control of data and information are crucial activities in a company. Our customer reporting system allows customers instant access to reports concerning their stored documents and media.

The consistent reliability and relevancy of our reporting information is often quoted as being superior to systems that exist inside companies.

We provide a variety of reports for clients including;

  • Box deposit reports record management companies in india
  • Number of boxes in storage
  • Status of boxes (stacked, retrieved, destroyed, etc.)
  • Number of box or file retrievals in a certain time period
  • Number of deliveries and by which method in a certain time period
  • Number of new box or file deposits in a certain time period
  • Number of withdrawn boxes in a certain time period
  • Boxes or files due for destruction

Our comprehensive electronic document management system ensures you keep control.

Customer Reports

  • Comprehensive audit trail.
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc reporting.
  • Electronic document management system.
  • More efficient than most in-house systems.